Roadmap to 100 Percent Local Solar Build-Out by 2030 in the City of San Diego 
Released by Protect Our Communities Foundation

May 19, 2020Contacts:
Tyson Siegele, 917-771-2222
Bill Powers, 619-917-2941

The “Roadmap to 100 Percent Local Solar Build-Out by 2030 in the City of San Diego” details how San Diego achieves its 100 percent clean energy target the right way – locally. The Roadmap maximizes the renewable energy priorities advanced by California – to achieve all available energy efficiency, of which rooftop solar and battery storage are central components – and to prioritize the reduction of peak loads on hot summer days.

The Roadmap’s approach will reduce the cost of electricity to City residents, develop funding streams for San Diego Community Power, create new well-paying jobs in the community, and spread the economic benefits of the clean energy revolution – both job opportunities and lower electric rates – among all City residents and City businesses.

The Roadmap details how all San Diegans could benefit from the clean energy transformation – not just the early adopters. The Roadmap demonstrates the importance of an equitable on-bill financing program to ensure that everyone – homeowner and renter, good credit or marginal credit – participates in and benefits from the comprehensive rooftop solar and battery storage expansion.

The Roadmap includes an ambitious feed-in tariff solar and battery storage development program to provide a source of revenue and a financial counterweight to the inequitable state-imposed fees that currently undermine rooftop solar expansion. Maximizing local solar resources will create new livable wage jobs in San Diego.

The Roadmap’s local build-out creates community economic benefits from clean power development. Jobs stay in the community and increase in number as the local build-out expands. Local financial institutions benefit by investing in local projects. Local businesses benefit from the increase in direct and indirect economic activity. Homeowners and building owners reduce their cost of electricity and increase the value of their property. Renters gain direct access to clean power and reduce their energy costs. San Diegans have fought for this future for years. Now is the time for all of us to make it happen.

The Roadmap applies the goals of the California Long-Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan, developed by the California Public Utilities Commission, to define a workable and affordable strategy to achieve a 100 percent clean energy build-out in San Diego. The Roadmap is available at:

The Protect Our Communities Foundation is a 501(c)(3) that seeks to protect local communities and the natural environment by advancing local renewable energy as a more cost-effective and environmentally sound alternative to industrial-scale projects on open lands.