Our Mission

The mission of The Protect Our Communities Foundation is to protect rural communities and natural resources in southern California and northern Baja California from unnecessary and harmful large-scale and industrial energy projects, and to advance smart energy solutions. Our focus in southern California is San Diego and Imperial Counties.

Support POC

The Protect Our Communities Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Other Projects

POC is involved in more than just the Sunrise Powerlink in our efforts to preserve rural communities and bring true green energy solutions to San Diego. Some of these are related to the Sunrise Powerlink, such as SEMPRA’s efforts to build the new cross-border powerplant in Baja (see Energia Sierra Juarez below).

SDG&E Master Special Use Permit – The U.S. Forest Service is currently considering reauthorization of all existing SDG&E power lines on the Cleveland National Forest. POC has engaged in the decision to ensure that the permit addresses the combined effects of all existing power lines plus added harm from the Sunrise Powerlink and to call for undergrounding and other stronger mitigation measures to reduce the risk of fire and protect natural resources.

ECO Substation – A new substation proposed by SDG&E for the Jacumba area.

Energia Sierra Juarez – SEMPRA’s proposed cross-border powerplant which will be linked in to the Sunrise Powerlink.

MET Towers – Proposed meteorological towers on Cleveland National Forest, to be used to determine the feasibility of wind power in those areas.

Large Scale Wind – Projects are proposed in McCain Valley (Tule Wind Project by Iberdrola), Campo Indian Reservation, and just across the border from Jacumba in Baja, Mexico.

Large Scale Solar – Includes proposed project by Sterling Solar for the Imperial Valley desert region, to potentially be linked in to the Sunrise Powerlink.

SDG&E’s Shut-Off Plan – The plan was rejected by the PUC in September of 2009, but SDG&E is trying to work a new proposal that opponents and the PUC will support.