Our Mission

The Protect Our Communities Foundation defends communities and nature in San Diego County, Imperial County, and northern Baja California. We advance better energy and environmental solutions through advocacy and law.

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The Protect Our Communities Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

POC Watchdog

POC will be keeping a careful eye on the corporations, politicians, and other entities involved in energy projects. It is an unfortunate reality that they do not always behave in an ethical manner, and we intend to call them on it when they cross the line. Listed below are links to articles about various misdeeds. You can also keep an eye on your local politicians and corporations by checking donors to political campaigns and lobbyist activities.

Important Websites and Links:
Campaign Finance Information For information on political contributions.
SEMPRA Lobbyist Activity For information on activity by SEMPRA lobbyists.
SEMPRA Corporate Responsibility Report

Links to relevant articles:

SEMPRA Clears Lobbyist Linked to Lawmaker’s Scandal
East County Activist Files Ethics Complaint
CA State Assemblyman Affair with SEMPRA Lobbyist
SDG&E Accused of Misleading PUC
SDG&E Fined $1.1 Million
SEMPRA Fined for Overcharging