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The Protect Our Communities Foundation defends communities and nature in San Diego County, Imperial County, and Northern Baja California from harmful energy projects and advances better energy solutions through advocacy and law.

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The Protect Our Communities Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Freedom of Information Act Updates

The BLM finally responded in late September to our June and August FOIA requests for information. Like the information (or lack thereof) provided previously by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the BLM documents show that SDG&E has yet to submit many different documents and plans that are required prior to the company’s planned construction activities in bighorn sheep habitat this fall.

In late October the Forest Service also finally responded to our May FOIA request and to most of our September request. One of the most disturbing elements of the documents provided by the Forest Service is the agency’s work with SDG&E on several local reroutes for the powerlink that could impact homes or endangered species. The time for identifying a specific route and the location of towers and access roads and identifying the resulting harm to people was during the environmental review process that was completed by the BLM and California Public Utilities Commission in January. So why is the Forest Service now working with SDG&E on changes that will never be the subject of scrutiny by the general public?

POC has also received a surprise follow-up letter from the Department of Energy indicating that they’ve unearthed documents that should have been provided previously in response to a May FOIA. Unfortunately they forgot to include the actual documents with their cover letter so we have yet to learn what they’re about. Interestingly, one of the documents originated from the Department of Agriculture (the parent agency to the Forest Service) yet the DOA had previously written that they had no documents responsive to POC’s May FOIA. Stay tuned…