Our Mission

The Protect Our Communities Foundation defends communities and nature in San Diego County, Imperial County, and northern Baja California. We advance better energy and environmental solutions through advocacy and law.

Support POC

The Protect Our Communities Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.



  • Host or attend events and provide information to interested parties concerning current energy projects, their impacts and implications, and possible alternatives
  • Provide a central resource for organizations across San Diego County to collaborate and strengthen their voice
  • Raise funds to fight projects with negative effects, through legal advocacy and litigation, organization and education, and research as follows:
  1. Legal advocacy and litigation – POC will support experienced attorneys to aggressively pursue any opportunities to challenge the Sunrise Powerlink through strategic litigation.
  2. Organizing and education – POC will support seasoned organizers and outreach staff to raise the statewide profile of the threats to public lands, including Cleveland National Forest and other protected natural lands as well as rally opposition through the use of mailers, organizing meetings, and other outreach techniques that generate turnout to key public hearings and events. Organizers will communicate with politicians and decision makers to oppose the Sunrise Powerlink. They will focus on the protection of public lands and assist private property owners in their struggle to preserve our pristine backcountry. They will also utilize web sites, e-mail, and printed materials to strategically disseminate information targeted to specific segments of the public as well as to the media
  3. Research – POC will support consulting experts to advance an alternative and practical vision for San Diego’s energy future while challenging SDGE’s proposed Sunrise Powerlink claims of reliability, renewables, and economic value. In addition, studies will focus on the environmental impacts on public lands, air quality impacts from polluting power plants in Mexico, and public safety and economic impacts from transmission line-related wildfire.

Please visit our Progress Report to see what POC has accomplished thus far. If you are interested in contributing to the goal of POC, through volunteer work, community outreach and education, or financial contribution, please click here for more information. (add link to page with how you can help)


  • Testify at public hearings regarding any of our stated positions
  • Write letters to public officials, including local elected politicians, state and national elected officials, appointed officials to pertinent offices
  • Keep local, state, and national media aware of our positions and actions through press releases
  • File legal actions in appropriate courts