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Come Rally Against SDG&E’s Invitation-Only Groundbreaking for Sunrise Powerlink
When: 9 am, Thursday, December 9th
Where: Rough Acres Ranch, 2750 McCain Valley Road, Boulevard, CA 91905
RSVP to: David Hogan, 760-809-9244, davidhogan@hughes.net (transportation from San
Diego will be available on first come-first serve basis)
Directions to Rough Acres Ranch: (Drive time from downtown San Diego: approx. 1 hour)

1. Take I-8 East to the Boulevard exit (the next one after Crestwood and the Golden Acorn
Casino – past the large wind turbines).
2. Turn right (south) onto Ribbonwood Road.
3. Go to the stop sign at Old Hwy 80 and make a left (east) towards Jacumba.
4. McCain Valley Road is several miles down on the left. You will reach a big brown McCain
Valley Recreation Area sign.
5. Take McCain Valley north back under the freeway until the pavement ends.
6. Rough Acres driveway is on the left and the dirt road on the right is the entry to McCain
Valley Recreation Area with another sign. Sunrise towers will be installed to the right of
the sign and run along the road.
7. Park along the shoulder of McCain Valley Road, the access road to the recreation area,
to greet Governor Schwarzenegger and SDG&E’s other invitees with signs and spirit.

Reason for rally – SDG&E’s groundbreaking ceremony for the Sunrise Powerlink is wildly
premature. There are several strong lawsuits and any one of these could derail the project. Yet
SDG&E, Governor Schwarzenegger, and California Public Utilities Commissioner (CPUC)
President Michael Peevey will all join for a ground breaking ceremony in McCain Valley as if all
is well. Please join us there the morning of December 9th to send a strong message that all is
not well with the project. Bring your creative signs! The press will be there. Here is the truth
supporting opposition to the Powerlink:
Lame-Duck Governor Mentality at Work. Governor Schwarzenegger wants to show
concrete achievements prior to leaving office. The Powerlink should not be on that list. Its
approval was so flawed that courts are likely to send SDG&E back to the drawing board.
The Powerlink is an Insider Deal. CPUC President Michael Peevey used raw political clout to
override an administrative law judge’s recommended denial of the project, and environmental
review documents concluded that there are several better alternatives to the Powerlink.
The Groundbreaking Party Is Premature. SDG&E’s army of attorneys have been unable to
dismiss a major federal lawsuit against the project, the success of which could derail the
Powerlink Will Cost Us $10 Billion. The rate-based Powerlink will cost $259 million per year
over a 40-year finance term. Much of the nearly $1 billion in profits SDG&E will make on the
line will be realized in the first 9 years of operation.
SDG&E Refuses to Commit to Renewables on Powerlink. Presiding CPUC Commissioner
Dian Grueneich voted against approving Powerlink because SDG&E refused to commit to
putting any renewable energy on the line.
Powerlink Will Move Sempra’s Fossil-Fuel Energy, Not Solar. Sempra’s fossil-fuel gas
energy infrastructure will interconnect to the Powerlink the moment it becomes operational.
Tessera dish solar projects in Texas and Arizona have already been cancelled due to high cost.
Local rooftop and other solar is cheaper, quicker, and has little environmental
For the cost of the powerlink we could develop more commercial rooftop solar.