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Letter from Alpine residents

This letter eloquently states our case for continuing the fight against the powerlink.

Editor of the Union Tribune
San Diego, CA

While the UT article on October 15, “Alpine tries to avoid life in the fast lane”, accurately describes the resentment that many in our community feel at the changes being forced upon us by SDG&E, it is unfortunate that the UT article misrepresents the Sunrise Powerlink construction as a fete accompli. Although SDG&E has obtained some of the approvals needed, construction is still not assured. They have not yet received a notice to proceed from the CPUC, and they still need to obtain permits from the Corps of Engineers, US Fish & Wildlife, and CA Fish & Game. [It seems ironic that agencies whose mission is to protect waterways and critical habitat would be asked to issue permits to allow the destruction of the pristine backcountry of San Diego County and critical habitat for threatened and endangered species, but that’s another story.]
Unfortunately, some Alpiners feel resigned to this disruption of our main thoroughfare and change to our way of life which only boosts profits for SDG&E and supports inefficient, power-hungry development. However, there are other forces at work that may prevent the Sunrise Powerlink from being constructed. A suit will be heard in Federal Court this fall challenging the improper actions by the Bureau of Land Management to rush through approval of this project. A ruling against BLM could permanently block construction of the Powerlink. The Cleveland National Forest recently denied a number of appeals following their unpopular decision to approve special permits for construction of the Powerlink through the Forest. The action may trigger additional lawsuits, which could ultimately result in defeat of this ill-conceived project.
SDG&E would like us all to believe that this is a “done deal”. They are quite visibly and actively preparing for the construction through Alpine by building temporary construction yards, surveying the route, and marking the pavement with orange graffiti. It is as if they are trying to dash our spirits with their everyday presence, making us feel that the project is inevitable. One thing is for certain, at each step along the way, a band of loyal and dedicated opponents will be standing up to say: Stop this damaging, wasteful, faux green, project that is being falsely portrayed as beneficial to San Diegans. Citizens of Alpine, in alliance with our neighbors from Lakeside to Boulevard and Campo, will continue to fight this injustice at every step along the way until the Powerlink project is finally put to rest – in the archives of failed projects, not six feet below the pavement of Alpine Boulevard.
Tom & Judy Myers

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